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VLC Player is a free app that can play lots of different types of videos and music, even ones that aren’t usually compatible with your device. It’s also able to play IPTV, which is a way to watch TV shows and channels over the internet.

You can use VLC Player to watch IPTV by adding a list of channels to the app. You can either find these lists online or make your own. Once you have the list, you can pick the channel you want to watch and start watching it right on your computer or mobile device.

One of the cool things about VLC Player is that it can play high-quality videos, and you can change how fast or slow the video plays. It also works on lots of different devices, like computers, smartphones, and tablets.

So if you want to watch TV shows and channels over the internet, you can use VLC Player to do it easily and comfortably.

VLC Player is also very safe. It uses special security to keep your information private, and it doesn’t show you any annoying ads. So you can enjoy your videos and music without any distractions.

Another great feature of VLC Player for Android and iOS is its customization options. Users can adjust playback speed, equalizer, and audio effects to enhance their media viewing experience. The app also supports playlists and allows users to create and save their own playlists

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