Kerala Building Tax

The building tax in Kerala is a tax imposed by the state government on buildings situated within the state. The tax is levied on the owner of the building and is calculated based on the built-up area of the property.

The Building Tax in Kerala is regulated by the Kerala Municipality Building Tax Act, 1975 and the Kerala Panchayat Building Tax Act, 2010. The tax is collected by the local bodies such as municipalities and panchayats, depending on the location of the property.

The rate of building tax in Kerala varies depending on the type of building and its usage. Residential buildings are generally taxed at a lower rate compared to commercial buildings. The tax is also calculated based on the age of the building, with newer buildings attracting higher taxes.

To pay building tax in Kerala, the property owner needs to first apply for a building tax assessment by submitting the necessary documents and paying a fee. The local body will then assess the property and determine the amount of tax to be paid. The tax can be paid either annually or in a lump sum for a certain period.

It is important for property owners in Kerala to comply with the building tax regulations to avoid penalties and legal issues. Property owners should also ensure that they have obtained all necessary permits and approvals from the local authorities before constructing or renovating their buildings.

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