Do you love taking photos and editing them to make them look better? Well, have you heard of LeiaPix? It’s a website that uses artificial intelligence to turn your regular photos into something that looks like a 3D-like lightfield photo.

Before we dive into how LeiaPix works, let’s first understand what a lightfield photo is. A lightfield photo is a special type of photo that captures both the color and direction of light rays in a scene. This means that when you look at a lightfield photo, you can change your viewpoint and see the photo from a different angle, just like you would if you were physically moving around the scene. This gives the photo a 3D-like effect.

Now, back to LeiaPix. The website uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze your photo and generate a depth map. A depth map is a grayscale image that shows how far each pixel in the photo is from the camera. LeiaPix then uses this depth map to create a 3D-like effect by rendering the photo from different viewpoints, just like a lightfield photo.

To use LeiaPix, all you need to do is go to their website and upload your photo. After a few seconds, your photo will be transformed into a lightfield photo. You can then move your mouse or your phone around to change your viewpoint and see the photo from different angles.

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