It will be really great if you are able to set macros in your android devices. In this article we are going to take a look at an application that can be used to set macros in your smartphones. Macros are tiny shortcuts which can be triggered very easily if specific conditions has reached.

This application has very simple and attractive user interface, where you are able to configure and manage all of your device automation. Developers keep this app up to date with more than 100 of automation and other features.

There is also template store where people can share their automation setup and you also apply settings from there to your devices. Some of the example macros are announcing caller name when we got a call or message. turn on WiFi when you reach your home etc.

This app also have features such as find my device. which helps to track down your phone if its stolen. Macros can be applied to call, messages, connectivity etc. Do try this app and comment down your thoughts about it.


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