We all love to listen music. no matter where and what you do. we used to listen music most of the time to get relaxed and get rid of the burden of work.In this article I’m going to share you a little knowledge about a music player that most of us wanted to have.

YMusic is such an application that provides a convenient way to listen music online without the concern of loosing your data. This application has some very optimised servers which will let you enjoy each and every music without any lag in very high quality with very minimal data usage.

From now on you don’t have to worry about listening music online. This application also provides option to download and save music from you tube and other sources where you can keep it safe for offline listening.

This application enables us to listen YouTube music in background where it is a premium feature in YouTube.If you have slow network connection, no worries you will be able to stream it without any issues via this application.

Live FM radio is also available in this application with both local and international channels. This application uses open source music player called Jockey player, which is very lightweight and optimised for lower end smartphones. So performance is guaranteed.

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