SMS, Call Backup

Android users often face the problem of losing their important call history, SMS and other data, due to various reasons such as a factory reset, change of phone, software updates, etc. To overcome this issue, There are a lot of applications available in market.

One such Android application that has gained popularity is the E2PDF. This app is a one-stop solution for all your data backup and restoration needs. This app can backup, restore and also can create PDF of those information.

The app is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface that makes the process of backing up and restoring data easy.

The first step in using the app is to install it from the Google Play Store. Once installed, the app will ask for permission to access the call logs and SMS data on your device. After granting the permission, you can start backing up your data. The app allows you to backup all your call logs, SMS and other data to your Google Drive account.

This ensures that your data is safe and secure and can be restored at any time if you change your phone or lose your data for any reason.

Another great feature of the E2PDF app is the ability to generate a PDF of your call logs and SMS. The app creates a detailed report of all your calls and SMS and saves it as a PDF. This report can be used for various purposes, such as for documentation or for backup purposes.

The PDF report contains all the details of the calls and SMS, including the date and time, sender/receiver name, and the content of the message.


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